It's Burger season. Try this D.C. Favorite

Service Bar in Shaw has always had one of my favorite burgers. Simple, fresh, juicy . . . Perfect πŸ‘Œ. But this meaty, cheesy, farm fresh sammich with beef out of 7 Hills Farm in VA was a savage. Topped with gruyere, pickled jalapenos, minced onions, pickles, and special sauce (eat your heart out McDowell's). Get it, and you will NOT regret the decision. The burger comes as single patty for $13 or make it double for + $2 (quality beef….worth it)! Add crinkle cut fries for another 2 bucks. - All in: $17. Highly Recommended. 5 stars. Resy Service Bar 926 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20001 Hours: Tu-Fri: 5p-10p Sat-Sun: 2p-10p